Christopher Brett is an Assistant Professor of Biology and Canada Research Chair at Concordia University and Adjunct Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology  at McGill University in beautiful Montréal, QC, Canada. His research program is dedicated to understanding how the endocytic system functions and how defects in this pathway lead to symptoms associated with neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, mental retardation and ADHD.

The ion and membrane transport laboratory

Specializing in both yeast and neural cell biology, our lab is dedicated to understanding how sodium hydrogen exchangers (ion transporters) and the fusion machinery (responsible for membrane transport or trafficking) work together in the endocytic system to control protein degradation, to determine organelle size, shape and number, and to allow synaptic pruning in neurons. Mutations in genes responsible for endocytosis - such as NHE9, a sodium hydrogen exchanger - are linked to autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. By determining the effects of these mutations on endocytic function, we aim to uncover the cellular basis of these diseases - a necessary step towards developing treatments.  Our lab is affiliated with the Groupe d'Étude des Protéines Membranaires (GÉPROM), the Centre de recherche sur la conception, les mechanismes d'action et la vectorisation des médicaments (Pharmaqam) and the Centre for Microscopy at Concordia (CMAC). Check out the research page for more details, and have a look at the publications page for a complete list of research articles from the lab.

Research opportunities updated Sep 2013


Applicants with experience studying endocytosis, membrane fusion, or ion transport in yeast or neurons are particularly encouraged to apply. Check out the opportunities page for details.

Laboratory news updated Sep 2013

Sep 20 2013 Congratulations to recent M.Sc. graduates Dipti Patel, Joël Richard, Mahmoud Karim, & Mark Guterman who all defended their theses in a record 4 days.

Sep 03 2013 A warm welcome to Zarin Arshy, Max Howard, Rupinder Boora, & Rasha Al-Homsy, new B.Sc. honours students in the lab.

Sep 01 2013 A warm welcome to Erin McNally, a new graduate student in the lab.

May 08 2013 A warm welcome to Sandra Atweh, our new lab research aide for the summer. 

May 03 2012 Concordia University and GEPROM to study the structure and function of NHEs in collaboration with Guillaume Lamoureux and David Wash 

May 01 2013 Chris (along with Alisa Piekny and Peter Darlington) was awarded funds for the NSERC RTI program to purchase a TIRF microscope. Thank you NSERC! It will be a welcome addition to the Centre for Microscopy at Concordia.

Apr 23 2013 Congratulations Sevan Mattie! He was awarded an undergraduate fellowships from NSERC to perform research in the lab over the summer. Sevan was also nominated Valedictorian of the 2013 graduating class in the Faculty of Arts and Science at Concordia University. Great job Sevan!

Want to meet the group?

Check out the members page, or If you want to meet us in person, check out the meetings page for a list of local meetings and scientific conferences that we will be attending in the near future.


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