Christopher Brett is an Associate Professor of Biology and Canada Research Chair at Concordia University and Adjunct Professor of Anatomy & Cell Biology at McGill University in beautiful Montréal, QC, Canada. His research program is dedicated to understanding lysosome biology and how defects in lysosome function lead to symptoms associated with neurological disorders like autism, Alzheimer's disease and lysosomal storage diseases.

Our lab is affiliated with the Groupe d'Étude des Protéines Membranaires (GÉPROM) and Dr. Brett co-directs the Centre for Microscopy and Cellular Imaging at Concordia (CMCI). His group aims to:

• Improve our fundamental knowledge of lysosome biology and its relationship to aging and human disease

• Create innovative new research tools to control lysosome activities within live cells by light

• Help develop next-generation nanomaterials to study, diagnosis and treat diseases related to lysosomal dysfunction

For a list of publications, please see:

pubmed • google scholar

Latest News!:

Dec 09, 2015 Our manuscript entitled "How and Why Intralumenal Membrane Fragments Form During Vacuolar Lysosome Fusion" was accepted at Molecular Biology of the Cell.

Dec 07, 2015 We welcome Dr. Dieter Samyn to lab in January 2016. Dieter is coming from Sweden with a full fellowship from the Olle Engqvist Byggmästare Foundation. Great job Dieter!

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